Put Christmas to bed

I believe that today is the absolute best day to start such a project. If you haven’t already can you take down your Christmas decorations and decide now whether you’ll be using them again next year. It’s no good storing them away to then in early December decide that they’re too tatty to use so replace them now whilst they’re reduced and then you have to join the rest of Britain on the dreaded Christmas shopping run.   Why give them house room and store them now for a year to be thrown away later?

As you take down your cards make a list of who you received them from and store this list in the box too. This is now your 2009 Christmas Card list and is put away with the rest of your Christmas things. All you need to do is give it a quick edit next December, adding on any new friends, and wiping off anyone who’s perhaps died or you’ve perhaps had a big fall out with.

I’ve already got next years Christmas cards and wrapping paper – I bought it in the Paperchase sale just after Christmas and you can do the same too.

Get a nice sturdy cardboard box or crate (I use an archive box “borrowed” from the office) and place off your lights, baubles and what not inside along with your 2008 received Christmas card list and the cards and giftwrap and replacement decorations you’ve just grabbed in the sales. If the rolls of paper are too big for the box then decide now where you’re going to store them and write a note to yourself and place this too in the box. That way you don’t need to remember where you’ve put it. When you go to trim up your house in December at the same time out comes your cards, your card list and a note to yourself reminding you that the giftwrap is in the cupboard under the stairs/back of the wardrobe/top shelf of the airing cupboard etc. Personally mine is in the guest bedroom wardrobe.

Tape down the lid if you think it’s likely to come loose, label it clearly and then put it away properly, now. You can put this somewhere out of reach – you’re not going to need this now for nearly a year. The back of the understairs cupboard, loft, garage are all ideal.

OK – get too it and after you’ve done that you can have a cup of tea.



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