The kitchen – continued

Hello everyone

OK – so you’ve had nearly a fortnight now to get to the bottom of your kitchen drawers and the back of your kitchen cupboards to clear out the clutter and mix-match bits and pieces. By now your chipped cups and lidless Tupperware (other brands are available) should all have been disposed of and everything that remains in your kitchen should be useful, beautiful, or sentimental (or even a mixture of the three).

Now it time to do some lovely elbow grease cleaning.

How you tackle this is up to you. You may want to allocate one day to get the whole lot done, you may prefer to divide the number of cupboards and drawers between the days (or working days) of the week and focus on a couple of them at time.

Don’t take out more than you can clean and put back within an hour. It’s no use emptying the contents of all of the cupboards and drawers all over the kitchen floor, so you’ve then no room to move and if you get a phone call, last minute visitor or have to pop out, you’re all over the place with clutter.

Empty one cupboard, one shelf at a time, give the cupboard a wipe out with a hot cloth and some cream cleaner, then a fresh wipe and replace all the bits and pieces, editing out once more anything that can be disposed of.

Then move on to the next shelf and repeat. Continue this process all around the kitchen.

I’d personally start on the bottom shelf of the bottom right unit, then the next shelf up, then the top shelf, moving around the room right to left and then then starting again with the top cupboards.

The actual tops of the cupboards would be last, emptied off, wiped down and then all of the bits and pieces placed back on top, once they too have been cleaned off and then I’d finish with the drawers.

I personally don’t really like packets in cupboards, I think lentils, beans, pasta, rice etc look so much better when they are in jars than in packets with screwed down wrappers secured with clips or tape.

Jars can be economically purchased from Ikea like this > < or even something like large coffee jars make good substitutes.

I also prefer to keep food cans in rows of like products. All beans, tinned tomatoes, chickpeas etc in a row. This means when you go to make a grocery list you can see at a glance that you’re two tins of red kidney beans and a tin of soup down in your pantry.

I know it might look a bit “Sleeping with the Enemy” but isn’t just because it looks nice, it does save time and stop you buying things you’ve already got plenty of and ending up replacing things you’ve already plenty of.

Finally give the exterior of the kitchens a wipe down with a hot soapy cloth, then the worktops and give the floor a sweep and mop.

Now get to it and if you’ve any questions give me a yell.

No Wire Hangers



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