Takling your drawers

Now – once you’ve done your wardrobes you can repeat the process with your drawers. Everything out, working on one drawer at a time.

Allocate different drawers for different purposes, I have one for jeans & shorts, one for sweaters, one for T-shirts & polos, a half one for pants & swimwear and a half one for socks.

For the lady followers, a great way to store matching underwear sets is to pass the loop of the bra through the pants and then fasten – that way when you grab one from the drawer in a rush its partner is attached.

I like to keep socks bundled in pairs and keep belts wound tight (starting at the buckle end) and fastened with elastic bands, these go in a box in the jeans & shorts drawer. I personally only wear canvas belts – leather belts should really be hung out straight.

Ties are laid out and folded into three and placed in rows in a shallow box again in my jeans & shorts drawer.

Remember – try not to think of it as a big challenge. Work through it one drawer at time, you can sort out one drawer in an eveniing can’t you and before you know it, one week later your entire chest of drawers is done.

Don’t forget your daily routines, you know, bathroom, vacuuming, ironing, and are you all plumping your sofa and taking any cups to the kitchen before bed and prepping your work clothes for the next day? This simple process really does save the morning rush.

Have fun


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