Breathing new life into an old shirt

With a bit of effort and patience a once loved shirt that you’ve now slimmed out of, perhaps inherited, or even a sale bargain that was way too big can be tweaked to fit beautifully.

Paul Smith says:

Making a shirt is complicated. It takes a specialised factory months to develop even our simplest shirt pattern, requiring specialised press irons and sewing machines. Of course you can make your own shirt and there are countless patterns but, to be honest, for so much work they never look particularly good.

However, vintage shirts are cheap and easy to find, buy or inherit: they often still pop up in charity shops, too. The fabric quality tends to be excellent and the stitch size is small and nice. We spend hours each season looking into the construction details and techniques of old shirts – you can learn a lot from them. The one downside about cheap vintage shirts is that they are cheap for a reason! They never fit properly, as shirt fit has changed a lot, and men wear slimmer, shorter shirts now, with smaller sharper collars.

So here is a step-by-step guide to customising an old shirt:


One thought on “Breathing new life into an old shirt

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