recipe: Leftover Veggie Burgers

Being my mother’s son I can’t abide to see food being wasted.  More often than not leftovers form the basis of many meals and I’ve no shame at all in asking for a doggy bag when I’ve reached my full in restaurants.

With the addition of a tin of chickpeas I’ve turned the humble remains of a Friday night takeaway into a dozen curried burgers.




Not a recipe per se but more of a take on my Brown Rice & Chickpea Burgers.

Roughly double the volume of rice to drained and chickpeas.

Finely diced onion Bhaji.

A potato masher process until you have a firm mixture that keeps its shape when squeezed between your hands.

A thick mixture still with a not so even texture.

I used a two measures of an ice cream scoop to maintain good portion control but you could just take handfuls of the mixture.

I’ve got one of these clever burger press contraptions which I’d recommend if you’re likely to make your own burgers regularly but they really aren’t essential.

Leave the patties to firm up in the fridge before frying.

Fry them for 4/5 mins per side in a little sunflower oil in a non stick pan.

Delicious with a fried egg (not for the vegan readers, obviously).

Well they didn’t last long.


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