very superstitious

Every family has superstitions inherited from elder generations.  We all know about the dangers of walking under ladders, breaking a mirror (seven years bad luck) saying "good luck" backstage or putting up an umbrella indoors but it seems only my family know the rule of the dangers of more than one person pouring from a teapot (the arrival of ginger twins). Here are some international superstitions and faux pas you might want to be aware of.


recipe: Blackberry Gin

I was lucky enough to pick my blackberries straight from the hedgerow but you could always pick yours straight from the supermarket shelf.

washing your workout gear

If you’ve ever washed your workout clothes only to find that they still stink after the fact, you’ve probably already come to this conclusion. Not only can washing them the wrong way mean they don’t get clean, but it can also degrade the fibers and shorten the life span of some very expensive exercise ensembles.